ThundersportGB Stocktwins : Rockingham Raceway July 2016

ThundersportGB Stocktwins : Rockingham Raceway July 2016

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Scroll down for full Coverage from this meeting courtesy of Syd @ Thundersport GB !!

So here we are for the race report.

It was a three day race weekend for use starting on Friday with 6 free practice sessions on 15mins.

Practice went really well and we have the pace to be in the top 2. We had a play around with our new EBC disk from B&C Express. The disks gave a great feel and looked amazing, but having better disk means that we need better pads which we did not have so as we did not want to damage the disk we decide to go back to the stock ones and save the EBC one for the next round.

Gearbox issues were already slowing us down but at the track is was not possible to fix it. Apart from that bike which was setup by Apex Evolution Racing Team was just out of this world.

The guys at Apex Evolution Racing Team are perfectionist and the way that they work is fantastic.

Qualifying was a bit of a flop if you ask me as I only manage the 6th fastest time, this due to the high amount of traffic on the track and a technical issue.

Race 1

From 6th on the grip and no more technical issue with the bike apart from the gearbox. We dropped down the the 11th place at the start as myself and a group of riders all thought that we could all be on the same piece of tarmac at the same time. This got me to go very wide and some finished in the grass. We though our way through the race and at the end of lap two we were already 4th. Two lap before the end we could up this the second but did not find a way through which got us to finish 4th in class on race 1.

Race 2

After a great start I was second in class flying away when coming into a corner my gears would not engage I lost 3 places and was back to 5th, i had to fight back. We were a little group of 4 fighting like mad for the 2nd place. The fights were great and very close. After a lot of intense moments and the gearbox not wanting to do what I ask, I was still able to secure the 3rd place.

Race 3

For this race I started 3rd on the grip after the mega lap. I was away with the 1st and 2nd. On the final lap I got a better dive than P2 and thought that I would get him on the straight but 20 meters from the finish line my gearbox decided to drop from 5th gear to the 4th which lost me my speed and we finished next to each other at 0.0249 of a second.

Race 4

Race 4 did not look to good when we realised that I had killed my rear tyre in race 3. We were very lucky to meet Graham Matcham-Work who was happy to help us with some new Continental tyres (was riding with Metzeler before). The new tyre gave me a lot of confidence and know that during my time in Mauritius I was riding with them I decided to take the gamble. I will say that the tyres were great, lots of grip and feel for less money. As it was our first time of on the new Conti’s we got the pressure of the rear wrong which made it hard work for me to push, also because of the different shape of the tyre our previous setup did not match to well. The bike was understeering but I was able to maintain the 3rd place pace with the extra grip.

My thought about the new Continental tyre is that I want to spend more time riding with them as with the wrong setup and pressures we were still fast so bring on round 7 at Anglesey where we will show you want can be done on these great tyres.

We now need a full engine rebuild so if anyone out there can help by investing some funds please get in touch as it costs a lot to stay up @ the sharp end and without the help of so many generous people and organisations already I would not have been able to even get to this level !

Once again, many many thanks to all my supporters and sponsors.

Without you this just would not be possible.

Janman Ent.
STP Race Products
Apex Evolution Racing Team
B&C Express
Phil Morris – Racing
Peter Hughes Media
Vital Equipment Limited
Shetton Barns
Jon Strike
Samuel Mamet
Sophie Palmer Mamet
Mauritius Formula Team
Bike it International
Viper Helmets
Graham Matcham-Work
Qadeer Hoybun
Colin Port Images

Thank you so much guys, this is just the beginning. We will come back stronger at every round.

Looking forward to riding with my new crazy cool Janman Ent. leather race suit.