ThundersportGB Stocktwins : Anglesey August 2016

ThundersportGB Stocktwins : Anglesey August 2016

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Race Report of Anglesey ThundersportGB round 7 2016.

Practice started on Saturday morning. We did a full 6 sessions of 20mins to try and get the best setup possible. We rebuild the bike's engine before this round and paid the most attention on suspension and tyre setup. I was happy with the way that the bike was handling for sure.

Sunday morning Qualifying start amazingly.
We had some heavy rain falling most of the night so as it was time for us to qualify, the track still had a lot of wet sections. We decided to still go out on dry's which was a bit scary at first. I rode as hard as I could, I was so happy to find out that I qualified on Pole Position!! P1 in my class Stocktiwn and I was also on the first row of the Supertwins :)

Race 1
When we got to race one I was very nervous as it was the first time that I was in front of 30 riders. Coming into the first corner with a bunch of crazy guys trying to overtake you was so exciting. On corner 2 a rider hit in my front wheel and made me loss 4 places straight away. As we carried on onto the straight I started to realise that we were lacking power and defending my place on the straight proved to be near impossible.

This race was red flagged after someone crashing out meaning we would have a restart. The restart went a bit better for me but still with the lack of power there was nothing that I could do and we finished in 5th place.

Race 2
The team spent a while trying to get me a bit more engine power by playing with the fuelling which did help greatly and we got the 4th place after a lot of fighting with Alex Platt, Ryan Redman and Max Dixon Racing.


Race 3
Monday morning saw us with great sunshine a warm temperature. We had the 3rd best time in the morning warm ups meaning that the team was able to improve my engine performance during the night.
As the race started it was mayhem on the track, everyone seamed so excited as it was TV day. On the first 3 laps a good 5 riders had already come off. Alex Platt lost the rear just infront of me, I was able to avoid him but only just!

From then it was another fight with Max Dixon, on lap 6 as I was right up behind him, when he made a little mistake that could have cost him and I a lot. As we were coming into a 220kph corner he dived in a little to soon which got him leaning his bike onto the glass at this speed but he was able to stay on his bike which was very impressive to watch. This though lifted dust and rock straight onto me and I was hit by a big stone in the right arm. As the laps went on the pain became more apparent and I played it safe by maintaining my 3rd place, pushing any harder would not have been safe.
Happy to have been on the podium again.

Race 4
The race started well and my confidence was good. On lap one there was a lot going on, just after surviving this crazy 220kph corner neck a neck with Ryan Redman, Max Dixon, Alex Platt Racing coming onto Rocket corner which is a second gear corner. We a were all so close on the breaking, I tried to dive into the inside when I was wiped out but another rider coming from the back Aaron Bradley. We both crashed in front of all the riders coming from the back, I was hit by another bike which did hurt a bit but luckily we were both ok, not too much harm done so happy days.

Thank you for another great weekend, thank you to all the riders who made the racing so interesting. I am glad that we are all coming back home in good health thanks to my Viper helmet and Janman Ent. leathers doing a good job. :)

Also I want to thank Mr Greg Madero #60 leader of the Stocktwins championship for all of the support at every race meeting. You are always cheering me on so thank you and well do on your lap record this weekend!!

A massive thanks you to all my sponsors who make this adventure possible :-