Pyramid Plastics "No Screws" Glue for fixing mudguard extenders etc


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A brand new bespoke recipe adhesive for fixing Pyramid Extenda Fendas, Pyramid Hugger Extensions and any other Pyramid accessory where mechanical fixing is either undesirable as a result of personal preference or unsuitable due to factory fitted metallic mudguards, etc. 

Achieve a more natural look when fitting an Extenda Fenda to your front mudguard.

The exceptional quality of Pyramid No Screws means that you need have no fear of the accessory falling off. After a full two years of product trials, we are now confident that we have finally found an adhesive which is both resilient and strong.

Pyramid No Screws is supplied with printed instructions for use attached to the tube. 

NB: take care to spread glue evenly and thinly and follow printed instructions carefully. Do not use too much glue on the product !