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Extenda Fenda... mention the name of this landmark Pyramid product to most motorcycle enthusiasts and the majority will instantly know what you are referring to and many will already have one fitted to their motorcycle.

Pyramid Plastics UK Ltd was founded in 1986 by industrial designer, Ben Bowser. In the intervening years, Pyramid Plastics has become an iconic brand name in the motorcycle accessories sector, producing not only the front mudguard extension kit, the Extenda Fenda, but also an extensive selection of rear mudguards - known as Huggers - together with a full range of unique accessories including frame infill panels, fairing lower kits, belly pans, etc.

All Pyramid products are bespoke, being uniquely designed and engineered to suit each individual motorbike.

The company has its roots in Lincolnshire and is based in the market town of Gainsborough. Nowadays, Pyramid Plastics works via a network of distributors and dealers on all continents, in addition to its own website, enabling motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide to acquire stunning yet competitively priced bike accessories designed by Ben and his team. Pyramid's aim continues to be the design and production of bespoke bodywork to enhance, protect and improve the appearance of each rider's pride and joy.

Ben does not stand alone in making Pyramid Plastics the successful company it is today. A dedicated and close knit team form the strength around the brand.

Motorcyclists, dealers and distributors worldwide appreciate the company's excellent customer service and attention to detail. All agree that Pyramid styling and quality are instantly recognisable and without doubt second to none.