12" Tyre Blankets Fleece Covers Metrakit MiniGP


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STP Race Products Polar Fleece Blankets made for us in the UK.

  • Sized especially to fit Metrakit and other miniGP bikes with 12" wheels
  • Also available in 2 different sizes for 17" wheels !!
These windstopper STP Race Products tyre blankets are made from Polar Fleece material and come with a no-nonsense money-back guarantee.
Used and appreciated by many race teams and club racers the world over.
These tyre blankets fit over your tyre warmers and help to keep heat in your tyres and wheels which is so important on cold wet and windy days when your warmers will struggle to maintain the optimum temperature.
  • They also alow the tyre warmers to heat the tyres and wheels quicker.
  • It is essential to keep the heat in your tyres especially in a race environment where you need the confidence in your tyres to push hard from the start.
  • Many silly accidents are caused by cold tyres. 
  • These Blankets can also be used to protect your expensive wheels and tyres when in transit or in your tyre rack or tyre tree.
Most of these Blankets can be supplied with your race number or team name printed at an extra cost, please contact us for details !!