Pyramid Plastics Polypropylene Bonding Kit (glue) for fixing mudguard extenders


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Polypropylene components are widely used in all transport sectors. Due to its "low surface energy", difficulty is experienced in achieving a satisfactory bond - either to itself or to other commonly used plastics. 

Our bonding kit has been developed specifically to address this problem. The P108 primer wipe and gel cyanoacrylate make a strong bond achievable, but it is important to please follow the instructions very carefully.

HOW DO I IDENTIFY POLYPROPYLENE ? : Look for the letters "PP" engraved on the reverse (B surface) of the moulding.

SAFETY : Cyanoacrylate adhesive, Super Glue, bonds skin in seconds. Handle with great care. Use the gloves provided and keep out of the reach of children.

PREPARATION : Always remove parts from the bike and carry out your task on a work bench. If fitting an accessory, first trial fit the product to ensure that you are happy with the arrangement. Protect adjacent decorative "A" surfaces from any excess adhesive with carefully applied masking tape. Ensure all components are clean and then key both surfaces with the 150 grit paper. The best possible face to face contact is vital and clamping may be required. Clamping as in fig 1 and fig 2 must be trialed before the adhesive is applied. To improve the stability of the clamps on the component faces, try placing foam rubber, masking tape or similar on the feet of the clamps.

ASSEMBLY : It is important to apply the adhesive in parallel "tram lines" as shown in fig 3 - do not apply in an enclosed circular pattern. This is a "single pack" adhesive which relies on contact with air to fully cure and give maximum bond strength. 

When attaching any clamps, please pay particular attention to any corner details at the extreme edges as these are the places most prone to subsequent bond failure. When applying adhesive and assembling, it is important to pay attention to the orientation of the parts so that any run-off of the adhesive is away from the decorative "A" surfaces. Bonding will take place quickly. However, once applied, the clamps should be left in place for one hour.

Finally, and this is very important, please resist the temptation to "test" the bond strength. This may weaken or break the bond completely.