17" Motorbike Motorcycle tyre over blanket covers wraps by STP BSB WSB


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STP Sticky Thermal Polar Fleece Over Blankets made exclusively for STP.

STP Race Products tyre over blankets are made from Thermal Polar Fleece material and come with a no-nonsense money-back guarantee.

To fit most 17" wheels with 120 front and 160-200 rear tyres.

Fitted over your tyre warmers they allow the warmers to heat the tyres and wheels more efficiently (to an optimum 80 degrees centigrade) as well as keeping the heat in your tyres and wheels which is so important on cold, wet, and windy days when your warmers (and genny!) will struggle to maintain the optimum temperature.

Used and appreciated by many race teams and club racers the world over, including our own.

Why use STP tyre over blankets ?
  • It is essential to keep the heat in your tyres especially in a race or trackday environment where you need the confidence in your tyres to push hard from the start.
  • They will help the tyre warmers to get heat into the rims which will in turn help keep the heat in the sidewalls of the tyres for longer.
  • Keeping tyres warm between sessions will help limit heat cycles which in turn will help the tyre provide maximum grip for longeras well as extending tyre life.
  • Help to avoid "cold tearing" which is caused when the surface of the tyre gets hotter than the underlying rubber causing the less elastic rubber to tear or rip away leaving a shredded look that basically ruins the tyres surface and life. 
  • Many silly accidents are caused by cold tyres. 
  • These Blankets can also be used to protect your expensive wheels and tyres when in transit or in your tyre rack or tyre tree..
  • Your girlfriend, boyfriend, mechanic or pet can snuggle up with them while you're out on track.