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After years of building higher end and often pretty pricey Vintage custom bikes we wanted to create something more accessible. Something not just cheaper but easier and more reliable than the the vintage bikes we usually worked with.

So, one of our main objectives was to keep the cost of 'The Mutt' as low as possible and still provide a quality product and with that in mind we needed a base to work from.

We began working with various manufacturers in the Far East to source and develop the correct donor machine. The one we plumped for uses a version of the bullet proof Suzuki GN 125 made by a Suzuki partner which is in itself a perfect starting point. This base machine has a number of Mutt specific modifications to give it that classic custom look with spoked wheels, rear drum brake, a stylish British inspired tank and a classic twin shock frame shape.

All Mutt’s then come to our workshop in Birmingham, England – the historic home of British Motorcycle manufacture, where our skilled team complete the process of customizing and creating what you see as the Mutt.

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